Manihelu - Idioms and Proverbs booklet

Manihelu - Precious Gems - Pangwali Idioms and Sayings

In Pangwali, precious stones are known as Manihelu. Sayings and Idioms of a language are as precious as these stones. They lend beauty to a language. This book is the compilation of some of those beautiful sayings and idioms of Pangwali language which are used in day to day life. You would find many of those sayings and idioms like ‘टन बइ लेउड़, खा कुतरे जंघ’, ‘चोरे मन खदेड़ा’, ‘चूरीं चिरेह्उ भुण’, ‘भोटे मखीर करुं’, ‘गुले फिउड़ फोटाण’ ‘सीते बुढ़ी टांक’, ‘साचे बुढ़े जिआण’ etc being explained with pictures and examples and good wife’s proverbs are special attraction in this book. To see this splendid book click on the below link

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